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Permanent Makeup by Susan

My training was with John Hashey, who is widely regarded as one of the best permanent make up artists in the industry. Before I selected John, I did a significant amount of research because I wanted to learn from the best, so I trained with the best. I know that by selecting the best #1 artist to learn from, I would be able to provide my clients with the level of excellence and satisfaction I've learned the perfected techniques that lead the industry. Trained with a world winning Artist in both conventional and cosmetic Tattoos, and the founder of the 20 minute LIPS procedure, which was one of the best things I could have done for myself and the industry. 

These techniques along with other advanced techniques I was trained for took a significant amount of training and hands on experience. (Training in the field for over 200 hours) has shown me that you need to perfect your procedures before you are qualified to work on a client, which in John's school before you receive a diploma you have to do just that and in return I am the best that I can be producing quality results. I have learned to produce results that are second to none. Going to a school that is Licensed by the Florida Department of Education means just that! My training was regulated by a Government Agency, not some one week 40 hour organization that has no legal stature and issues a certificate, not a diploma to preform permanent make up procedures on a client without the proper training nor experience which is very important for the client not to be used for their trial and error mistakes. Which is in most cases, the reason people get permanent makeup that does not turn out right and are unhappy. Don't be fooled be the rotary pen machine which are what people are learning on in these classes I just spoke about. 

With the pen machine you have no way to control the power supply or know how many times the machine moves the needle up and down or both which produce uneven results and pigment that has not been placed in the dermis. The COIL MACHINE is the best way to get the best results in permanent make up. I have full control of my power supply and that power supply has been around for as long as the technology has been available. The training and the equipment are what produce quality results. I use one of the finest COIL MACHINES in the industry, specifically for women and permanent make up. This machine can produce the very finest lines and any shading techniques with ease by a trained hand. There is no limitation to the results that the COIL MACHINE can produce. If you want the very best, there are five things that must be in place in order to perform great permanent make up. These important factors are as follows, it takes the proper equipment, utilizing the proper needle configuration at the correct angle with proper technique and lots of practice.

Permanent makeup involves the application of tattoos and dyes resembling makeup that stays on long term. For instance, some women choose to tattoo eye or brow liner on their skin. One benefit to this is ease of use. With permanent make up, there is no more need for the monotonous daily task of applying the same makeup over and over again. On the other hand, the cost may be high initially, it could be painful, and men or women may change their style over the years and decide they don't like it anymore. Permanent make up gives the illusion of carefully applied cosmetics, involving the lips, eye brows, and other areas, by changing the hue and color of certain skin areas. This is achieved via tattoo, which is basically permanent pigmentation. Cosmetic tattoos are applied by aestheticians, technicians, or tattoo artists within a clinical or salon setting. These professionals should be licensed and certified. They may also be able to plump and enhance certain areas such as lips, and provide tattoo removal. The inks and pigments used in permanent make up are subject to FDA regulation. Laws vary from state to state, and certainly by country. Permanent makeup first came on the scene in the early 20th century, especially in the 1930s when it became fashionable for women to undergo this simple procedure. Removal of permanent cosmetics can be tricky. The same treatments are used as in any other kind of tattoo,l removal, . Men and women who would like more information on permanent can ask Susan at ARTIST CUTS HAIR SALON (cell 813-270-4731) and I will answer any Questions you may have. The internet is a great place to do some research on the procedure.

Certified Member Academy of Micropigmentation

Artist Cuts Hair and Nail Salon Services Include:

Permanent Make Up  
  • Upper eyeliner with eye enhancement
$ 200.00
  • Bottom eyeliner
$ 125.00
  • Fashion eye liner
$ 500.00
  •  Eye brows (full eyebrow design extra)
$ 200.00 and up
  •  Lip liner
$ 225.00
  •  Full lips
$ 500.00
  •  Beauty marks
$ 75.00

 Includes Touch-Up 4 weeks from initial Procedure.

$25.00 Bio-Hazardous charge on all Procedures and Touch-Ups


Hair Care
  •  Hair Cut
$13.00 and up (Specialty cuts, length,extra)
  • Junior Cut
$ 8.00 (10 years old or under)
  • Senior Cut

$ 8.00 (60 plus)

  • Color
$  30.00 and up
  • Highlights
$ 25.00 and up
  • Pravana Straightening
$ 99.00 and up
  • Keratin Complex
$ 99.00 and up

Smoothing therapy
(Revolutionary smoothing system infuses keratin deep into the hair cuticle, reducing up to 95% of frizz and curl, leaving hair smooth shiny and luxurious. Results typically last 3-5 months depending on hair type.)


  hair stylist - Hudson, Florida - Artist Cuts Hair Salon - keratin complex
  • Hair Extensions - 100% human hair, protein bonded, will last 4-6 months. Call for your free consultation
  hair stylist - Hudson, Florida - Artist Cuts Hair Salon - hair extensions



  • Eyebrows
$ 6.00
  • Upper lip
$ 4.00
  • Full waxing services

Nail Care

  • Full set
$ 20.00
  • X length
$   5.00
  • Fills
$ 15.00
  • Broken
$   2.00
  • Pink and white set
$ 28.00
  • Manicure
$ 10.00
  • Pedicure
$ 20.00
  • French
$   5.00
  • Gel
$   5.00
  • Nail art
$   5.00 and up
Facials (Bioelements)
  • Basic facials
$ 25.00
  • Basic facial ( blackhead removal )
$ 35.00
  • Microdermabrasion
$ 65.00
  • Lashes ( clusters )
$ 25.00
  • Dyeing
$ 25.00 and up (lasts 28 days)

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